Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center database



Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center (database)

Overview: This database provides access to a variety of information about job hunting, particular job profiles, and internship opportunities. Pages on job profiles contain an overview and history of the type of job, information about what the job entails, what kind of schooling is required, typical earning, work environment, and the outlook for getting a job in that field. There are also lists of the highest paying jobs, the most in demand jobs, and the fastest growing jobs. Some pages have videos included as well, like the page discussing good interview habits. Career skills are also provided so that readers can begin to hone the skills that will help them in the workplace. Under the Resources section of the page is information for specific groups of people, like those with disabilities or women, and information about college planning and financial aid. In short, this website has a bevy of resources for teens to plan for college, jobs while in high school, and future careers.

Critical Evaluation: Most sections on this website are written in paragraph form, and separated by some subject headers. This makes it more difficult to skim however, since teens need to read more closely to find the information they are interested in. Articles are written in fairly plain language, which will make it easier for teens to absorb all the information presented. The directory of summer jobs is organized by interest and within are options for jobs, internships, and apprenticeships that appear to be recurring. Some actually seem to be more like study abroad terms, and require the intern to pay to participate, or for their room and board. From my own perspective, I wasn’t sure how to find library jobs on the website. That didn’t come up under government jobs, or literary jobs. I found it after searching specifically for it. For that specific career, there was a summary of important information on the right side that I found very helpful.

Despite some difficulty sorting through information, it seems like a valuable resource for teens to explore as they are thinking about their future. Perhaps if more teens were aware of what kind of jobs exist and what is required to get those jobs, they would think more before going to college or even graduating from high school about what they are interested in and best suited to do.

Reader’s Annotation: Planning for college or a job is easier with Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center. Check it out for resources on interview and workplace skills, the best paying and most in demand jobs, and specifics about different jobs.

Information about the source: This database is provided by Facts on File.

Genre: Database

Curriculum ties, if any: This will be a helpful resource for guidance counselors.

Booktalking Ideas: Whether teens are looking for information for college or a summer job, this can provide both specific opportunities for employment and more general information about careers. I think more ambitious and forward thinking teens will be interested without too much prodding, while others can be motivated to look at it by the potential for money.

Reading Level/Interest Age:  I believe older teens would be more interested in this resource, since older teens may be looking for jobs, or thinking about what kind of work they would like to do in the future.

Challenge Issues: None.

Why did you include this database? : This is valuable information for teens to have access to and be acquainted with.


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