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Alternative Press magazine ASIN: B002PXW0KI

Overview: This magazine focuses on music, especially of the alternative, indie, and rock varieties. Many of the articles focus on particular musicians, while others highlight up and coming musicians to check out, and the surrounding alternative culture.

Critical Evaluation: I notice right from the start that AP magazine is much smaller than either of the other two magazines I’ve reviewed (Teen Vogue or Justine). In terms of advertisements, they are throughout the magazine, but not nearly as numerous as in Teen Vogue. Many of the articles are interviews, so each story has a different voice. Others are written by staff writers and feel more sophisticated.

Being a music magazine, I found it interesting to see that articles did not only focus on particular bands or music movements but also looked at the culture surrounding the music, as in the Cool Special, that looked at jobs in the industry, comedians, accessories, and athletes. The article that I found the most interesting was “Do a band’s religious views influence what you think of them?” In it, musicians and readers of the magazine sound off on whether they care about a musician’s religious views. This was in response to one Christian musician who went on an anti-homosexuality rant on Twitter. While the Cool Special article felt at times a little superficial, it is balanced with articles like the “Religious” one that get readers to think more critically about their music.

Reader’s Annotation: For the up to the minute news on your favorite bands, suggestions on what to listen to next, and alternative trends, look to Alternative Press magazine.

Information about the author: Mike Shea is the CEO and Founder of AP Magazine. It began when he was 19 and was published out of his bedroom in his mother’s house in Aurora, Ohio. It is now one of the largest and most influential media companies in the United States for the discovery of new music.

He now lives in Cleveland, Ohio with an English Bulldog. He enjoys reading about history and politics. He was also in Sam Raimi’s indie horror film, “Skinned Alive.”

Genre: Music Magazine

Curriculum ties, if any: This could be used in a music class, or potentially a sociology class to look at trends in alternative culture.

Booktalking Ideas: This magazine will appeal most to teens interested in alternative and rock music, but also teens interested in that alternative culture surrounding it.

Reading Level/Interest Age:  I think the magazine believes itself to target more of an adult audience, with some older teens as well. At my library, the magazine is shelved exclusively in the teen section, suggesting that most of the readers are teens.

Challenge Issues:

  • Language

Defense Strategy:

  1. First, I would want to be familiar with book. As I’ve read this book, I’d be aware of potential issues that could be challenged. In the case of a book I had not read, I would want to have access to reviews.
  2. Then I would put together a rationale for why this book is included in the collection. This rationale would include:
    • Bibliographic Citation of the book.
    • A description of who the book is best suited for.
    • A summary of the book and applicable other information, such as biographical information about the author.
    • My justification for including the book. This would include how it fits in with the selection policy and library mission statement, and include its educational significance if applicable or the impact it could have on readers.
    • Copy of selection policy and library mission statement at my library.
    • ALA Library Bill of Rights
    • Good and bad reviews of the book
    • Alternative works a student could read
    • Reconsideration form if patron is not satisfied with rationale
  3. When talking to patron, I would listen to their concerns without getting on the defensive and attempt to sympathize with their concerns. In some cases, all an upset patron needs is to be able to vent and know that someone is listening to them.
  4. If needed, I would send the challenge up the chain of command.

This magazine meets the recreational needs of teens. It is also representative of the way real people talk.

Why did you include this magazine? : I wanted to look at a magazine that would appeal to boys as well as girls, on a specialized subject.

Reference Page:

Mike Shea: Contributor (2013). AP Magazine website. Retrieved from http://www.altpress.com/contributors/profile/mike_shea


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